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Considering doing a sparkler exit at your wedding? GREAT! We love sparkler exits, they add so much excitement and make for a perfect ending to your already perfect day. Here's some tips and tricks to keep in mind if you decide to have a sparkler exit:

1. We recommend purchasing your wedding sparklers from buysparklers.com (use discount code "Ranalla" for 10% off) We love #16 Gold Sparklers! The #16 sparkler is 36 inches in length and has a burn time of 4 minutes.

2. There are other options for sparklers, we recommend your sparklers last/burn for at least 2 minute so that everyone is able to light their sparklers and still have enough time for the actual exit when you run through the sparkler aisle, made by your guests. The longer the burn time, the more time you have to enjoy the exit, and possibly even run through it twice if you choose! We do this often and get even more photo opportunities.

3. Plan out the perfect time for your sparkler exit on your wedding day. It is easiest for both the crowd and the one ensuring the crowd is having a good time, your DJ, to have the sparkler exit be the last thing that happens. If your sparkler exit is your last event, then you can leave, and it truly is an exit. However, depending on how long you have your venue for, and how long you have your photographer and or videographer for, it may be necessary to have a sparkler run mid reception. We have done both options, both have been a success. It is important to communicate with your wedding vendors to ensure they are all on the same agreed upon timeline.

4.Make sure you have enough lighters. These wedding sparklers are not as easy to light as the ones you had as kids. So get one that burns more like a torch. Something similar to this should work great. Once a couple are lit, have everyone use the lit sparklers to light the other sparklers. It is easier to light a sparkler with an already lit sparkler, rather than with the fancy lighter you purchased. 

5. Have a cute dispay for your wedding sparkers, a nice bucket, lighters, etc. Check out Pinterest for some really cute ideas.

6. Don't do it over dry grass. Find pavement, gravel, or green grass. They are made to not light fires, but don't chance it.

7. Have everyone line up and form an aisle for you and your new husband/wife walk through. Make sure they are spread out enough so you are clear of sparklers.

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8. Walk through slowly. It is dark, and cameras have a harder time focusing, so the slower you go, the easier it is for the camera to focus, and more images you get. Also, you get to have a longer exit!

9. Kiss during the exit! It makes for an amazing photo. And hold it, you just got married! Give the photographer time to grab the image just like your first kiss during the ceremony.  Hold it!

10. Tell your guests before the sparkler send off  to put the sparklers in the bucket of sand!

11. Have the bucket with the sand you promised, near the end of the aisle. These sparklers are made specially to not have large slag, so it won't light anyone on fire, bonus! However, the design uses wire instead of wood, so you will need to dispose of the left overs. The sparklers will be hot and need to be put in sand or water to cool down, and a bucket to keep them together. You don't want to leave sparklers all over your venue for them to have to pick up. Especially in a lawn, they will get caught in the lawn mower (so we have been warned). 

12. Check with your venue. Tell them you have special sparklers, with wire, that don't let off small sparks to avoid fire hazards, and you'll have the necessary bucket of sand to clean up.

13. You want all the guests to have sparklers but you don't want 100 extra sparklers. We recommend getting 25 more than your guest list. Some people may leave by the time you have your sparkler send off, so consider this as well. Save the extras for another fun and amazing celebration! Be legal..

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If wedding sparklers are not an option for you, that's okay! There are many other options you can consider to make your wedding send off special, see Pinterest for great inspiration!


From Chico based international wedding photography company, Ranalla Photography, we hope this post inspired you for your wedding. Check out our wedding photos and wedding video for more inspiration!