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Sparkler exits are such a memorable and fun way to exit your wedding day. Not only is it a stylish and exciting way to end your wedding, but it makes for some beautiful photos! We've shot many wedding exits, but a sparkler exit is definitely one of our FAVORITES. Here's 3 top reasons why you should consider having a sparkler exit at your wedding:

wedding-sparkler-exit-ranalla photography-wedding-photography

1. Fun for Your Guests

Providing sparklers to your guests for the big exit makes your guests feel involved and excited. Weddings are amazing to attend, and when you give your guests an opportunity to participate it's even better! 


2. Exciting Way to Exit Your Wedding Day

After your perfect ceremony and reception, what makes for a more perfect ending than having your guests line up in rows, holding sparklers to send you off? Yes, of course, a wedding exit without sparklers will still be sweet and genuine, but is so much more exciting with sparklers! As the night ends, having sparklers illuminate your exit will add to an already perfect day!

3. Makes for Memorable, Unique Photos

On top of all the other reasons, look at how amazing the photos turn out! Photos from a sparkler exit are some our clients favorite shots from their wedding day. Sparklers make for the most romantic and unique wedding photos that will leave you speechless!

Sparker exits can add so much excitement and thrill to your wedding, even for the guests!

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