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Sparkler photos can be amazing and unique photos to have from your wedding day!
PRO #1: They often turn out to be the most popular and favorite shots of the day!
PRO #2: They are a unique way to turn a beautiful photo into something with a little *sparkle*
PRO #3: Sparkler photos add variety to the rest of your Wedding Day photos!

CON #1: In order to capture sparkler photos, it must be at least an hour after sunset.

CON #2: You may not have planned for your photographer to be at the wedding this late.

This could mean you need to add time for your photographer.  

CON #3: You will have to sneak away from your guests for 15 minutes closer to the end of your reception.


We believe the pros completely outweigh the cons for these types of photos!

They add so much variety and excitement to the rest of your wedding photos and will likely become one of the few photos you print or add to an album!

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From Chico based international wedding photography company, Ranalla Photo & Films, we hope this post inspired you for your wedding. Check out our wedding photos and wedding video for more inspiration! 

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