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Engagement photo shoots are a great way to kick off excitement for your wedding!

Here are a few key reasons why you SHOULD take Engagement Photos:

1. variety

When you have engagement photos on top of wedding photos, you have more of a variety for your home.

Engagement sessions are more casual, have different settings, and are often in a different season from your wedding.

It is a great way to show how it all started and you receive more photos since, for us, an engagement session is included in each of our photography packages!

2. camera-ready

The biggest reason why it is in all of our wedding packages is because it makes the wedding day much smoother.

You know what to expect from us, how we work, and you have gotten used to being in front of the camera.

It is our chance to really work together and understand what to expect on the big day. 

3. get comfortable

It is important to get comfortable with your photographer since your wedding photographer is one of the few vendors who are there the entire day, and having someone you are comfortable with is huge!

A good photographer can really add to your day and an engagement shoot is often where you really get to know your wedding photographer and feel more comfortable with his/her style. 

4. wedding displays

Engagement photos can be used on the day of your wedding for displays at the venue. They are more professional, but can be mixed with the more home-y feel of personal candid photos.

These displays can be cute and romantic ways to tell your love story to your guests.

5. save the dates

Photos from your engagement shoot are also the photos that you will use for your save the dates, invitations, guest books, Facebook and Instagram posts, etc.

It is a great way to promote your wedding!

Ask your photographer if they offer save the dates, as these will be more personalized and customized.

If you use Basic Invite for your save the dates or invitations, you can receive 20% off your order as well as free shipping by using the CODE "ranallaphoto"

From Chico based international wedding photography company, Ranalla Photo & Films, we hope this post inspired you for your wedding! 

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